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What is love+life?
Simply put, Christ is Love and because of Love we have Life. It’s specific to my life in regards to how I deal with things in ministry, relationships, temptations, sin and the overall life of the believer. Talk about an emotional roller coaster, if love+life were a book it could be listed under auto-biography, self-help, romance, religion, non-fiction, history and music! Yes, it’s that real! When listening…wait, when experiencing love+life I am certain that your heart will be warmed, your mind will be enlightened, your spirit will be lifted, your ears will be captivated and your desire to hear a great album fulfilled!


released April 23, 2012



all rights reserved


YUNG RICK Dallas, Texas

My FAITH in LOVE for everything He created...the LIFE I live in Him...I do it all through HIP-HOP!!!

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Track Name: intro face on the cover art you can be a part or be set apart / a lifer, tatted on my arm despite the / norm for other writers chose the road with less riders / back to the book more to learn from the scribers / playing off the words pad looking like a cypher / some see the vision, my change undeniable / vital that it's taught more important that i'm viable / spittin' from the pulpit preaching to the choir / pressure from the flock wanting music like the prior/ afraid i'm on the path like the one's i admire / no i'm headed to the square there's a world to inspire / until the earth expire or the day i retire / whichever arrives first pushing words of the Messiah / let's go higher, enough with the inquires / what i aspire to be is greater than being admired / i'm in fatigues but i never grow tired / the new town crier lion amongst liars / i've been both operating in the former / God in the form of man bones unbroken / irony in that, is that He came for the broken / broke or rich all have sinned omitting no one / i guess we're all family in the long run / some have been adopted others chose to be a loner / two years straight i've been living with insomnia / sleeping with the enemy and eating with the foreigners / drinking from a cup, filled with excuses / on a diet plan now weight’s the only thing i'm losing / along with my patience for those who have influence / who push their own agenda yet the city is still in ruins / let's keep it movin' it's all about improvement / movements breed leaders, leaders don't breed movements / as soon as the cock crows reality starts to set in / many will have your back 'til life or death's the question / it's worth a million dollars, no after life / just life after death hope your choice is right / there is hope in that choice room for hindsight? / there is none no stage plays or rewrites / and that's the bottom line, if i'm wrong fine / we'll lose two lives, your's and mine / doubt deeper than your faith, the reason you decline / died so we could live, death by design / two things are free on how life's defined / 1)that's to know good and evil and 2)the will to decide / and they say life is too short / but the life that come after's much longer here's the deal sport / instead of living it up, live for who came down / to bury sin without bringing it up...that's what's up!!!
Track Name: re:born
verse 1: yeah, gone too long though much needed, had to Decrease wasn't just speaking / fell to a sin that i kept feeding, fell to my knees and i kept seeking / that's when He said that enough was enough, that's when i read James 1:21 / that's when i left what was comfortable and ran straight to the comforter’s arm / now i'm back to the basics face it, focused, free, and i'm filling my space with / faithful few that'll fend off fakeness fade to the back while i make Him famous / yeah, you see what I'm faced with, flesh and spirit the common war / try being the best while being less my own aim ain't what i'm here for / what started as part of a prayer to fill up a void that God only could swear / became bigger than life to bring truth tooth and nail and to never come back to Him void as a fail / i'm here now, i made it clear that i was living for Him / no fear now my confidence lies in the fact that i'm His / this is round 2, came out swinging ain't bound to / nothing set free with the same crew(412), tied to the King but them chains loose / they came loose when the Son rose from the concrete / that blood runs deep like still waters i dove in and came up clean and i'm here hook: Look at how i'm reborn, reinvented, and restored/ my reward when i reached out my life story wanna read more / wanna read more, i was reformed / i was renewed, i was transformed / look at how i'm reborn, reinvented, and restored/ my reward when i reached out my life story wanna read more / renewed(gotta new heart), reformed(gotta new mind) / transformed(gotta fresh start), reborn(gotta new life) verse 2: back to the blocks like a track star, peep game now i know where the traps are/ got more in store gettin' my shop off, can't buy time when it's done for / no stopwatch where i'm going that race i ran will be done / i'll reap the seeds that i sown that war i made will be won / born again life twice over, i'm talking new everything / what i once knew i had to learn over, sight better than i had ever seen / not a slave no more to the sin i wore, debt owed but paid by the cross He bore / i live by the lore my sword my Lord want more get low keep my knees to the floor / honor my God with my life and my heart i'm a slave to His truth and i never will stop / giving praise don't need proof when my faith is enough for your glory alone not to myself oh Lord / by myself i will go, i came from the dust and back i will go / to live is for Christ and die is to gain, i'm winning so take it however you want / dead or alive either way i'm with the Lord that word is bond / my second life is an eternal one, no longer about what i once was / GOD made me BLOOD bought me / GRACE saved me FAITH brought it / my dad is King I'm royalty in righteous garments that life's flawless He's awesome!
Track Name: him alone
verse 1: who can i trust? words from a broken heart / poster child spoken for when things fall apart / real estate on sand by the seat of my pants / i'm flying, trust no one written on my rubber band / shaped by experience...left me mediocre / an eye sore until i was shaped by the chief sculptor / potter’s prints in my clay ushered in a culture / now a sight for sore eyes, the wait is over / a change in focus got me looking up / got me seeing past my past i'm bifocaled up / yelling "free at least" a young king plus / i'm loving like i never been hurt, call it strange but / i wouldn't change a thing what didn't kill made me strong / carried on with a facade, now broken by the bond / no carry-ons traveling abroad i'm free to roam / lesson learned, only TRUST God and Him alone hook: Him alone, Him alone only put your TRUST in God and Him alone verse 2: what's your agenda? to each his own / i'm guessing why the overuse of imo's / no facts played the back seen true hearts exposed / guess showing love is too much to ask i suppose / though it would be apropos / seen 'em go from a friend to a foe overnight how pitiful / hanging the past over my head like mistletoe / iron sharpens iron be slow to swing the gavel though / uncle sam's, finger pointers / when our brothers are in mourning we should join 'em / I just want the sojourner, look at how we ridicule / partly we're at fault puttin' you guys up on a pedestal /seeing(sin) it got the best of you / magnified by fame, best in the game da truth i considered you / seen you hit rock bottom, never threw a stone / lesson learned only put your FAITH in Him Alone hook: Him alone, Him alone only put your FAITH in God and Him alone verse 3: where do you go when you've reached rock bottom? / and that voice in your head speaking doubt gettin' louder / when the only thing you hear is a message in a bottle / saying it all will disappear once you make it to the bottom / i know it seems hollow but really, that's how low / one man will stoop when his hope is in the shadows / lucky there's a backdoor, we follow the exit plan / first of the blueprints, designed by a perfect man / art imitating life hope you get the picture / hope is a sacrifice written in the scriptures / with red letters, authoritative in His talk / can cease any storm treated water like a sidewalk / fed a couple thousand souls w/ fish and couple loaves / He brought hope way before barack took the oath / when the grass withers and the flowers are all gone / there's a lesson learned only put your HOPE in God and Him Alone hook: Him alone, Him alone only put your HOPE in God and Him alone
Track Name: on this road ft. anneliese meywes
verse 1: living on the edge just me and my free will / chased by insanity hoping if i stand still / maybe it'll pass me God can you speak clear / the devil still harass me, i'm just being sincere / stripped to the bottom, swear the feeling's unreal / trying to stretch a dollar even if i gotta skip meals / a blessing in disguise though it wasn't ideal / current circumstances forcing me to rebuild / face to the floor, three digits from the sun / hot-bed made for sin, burned down to the core / AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, made a pledge to the Lord / let the process begin making progress the goal /prodigal returned home got wisdom in his bag / more riches to his name staying close to his dad / bring out the fattened calf nothing less for his own / but little did he know it was the plan all along hook(anneliesse meywes): it's so loud inside my head / can't cut out all the things they said / i fall down and get up again, 'cause i know i must go to the end...on this road verse 2: i would never diss another rapper for acting, / detracting nor show disdain for their actions / the fact still remains that we're all human, all sin all will face God no eluding Him / the truest, keep your feet planted stay rooted / and no matter what your goal is keep shooting / but each man will be bound by each word from his mouth / whether profound or foolish still He takes into account / it's hard to conquer fears when your pockets like rabbit ears / doubt deeper than faith and pain seems to volunteer / it's time welcome to fate facades become ever clear / signage on the gate reads a real man was never here / partly how he's wired, more so how he was reared / and dad was a life school dropout, never there / but there's a dad who gave His son for all men / it's never too late to mold your whole life after Him <hook> verse 3: hell on earth? well, for what it's worth / He suffered so we suffer too, pain comes with birth / a small price to pay to inherit God's perks/ not to mention all the wrath we escaped could be worse / He said no one can out love me, he put that on His son / no, no really he put that on His son / our lives were as ugly as the cross where he hung / as empty as the tomb and as ugly as the scars / went from subpar living to in the lap of luxury / satisfying my flesh to focused on what's underneath / from dying to self to showing love condition free / realizing my wealth and having life abundantly / that's something that religion don't teach / if you love you'll obey you know how loud actions speak / you know the streets watching, a lamp unto your feet / light unto your path let the word of God lead.
Track Name: i'm on it ft. b.holy
verse 1: black 5's and my i-u cap, snapback before all y'all had / ahead of my time i ain't with no fad 80s baby i was born with swag / white tee, symart, my designs only thing i wear / built that brand from the bottom up stepping on toes crowded stairs / i don't mean no harm all i got is love, plus i feel like i can't show enough / i left my wallet in el segundo sucks no hablo espanol / no mas poquito Jesus Christo paid it all full paseo / gratis tomo el delor eternal vida with our Lord / my faith is on my trust is up, renewed mind and an open heart / i'm seeing things without seeing things I swing the light when it's pitch dark / no pitch fork no snakeskin, just temptations and blatant sin / throwing the rock then hiding hands convincing you that he don't exist / a misnomer for the uninformed, the lowdown give you the 411 / he'll bend the truth and go against the Son, cunning too he's the evil one / a straight up lie and the truth ain't in him, i hope you see it before your whole life spent up / i know what you're seeking and pleasing but let God be the reason a bigger meaning to living it let's go hook: i'm on it i'm on it i'm on it(uh-oh) / i'm on it i'm on it i’m on it(uh-oh) / righteous a brand new fit, rocking my brand new kicks, high on life i got a brand new fix i'm on it(uh-oh) verse 2: cool greys my J's so fresh, stack kicks like a leggo set / i get 'em early gotta shoe connect shout out to the sneaker heads / kinda had it rough i couldn't afford 'em all, thank God for the retros / got love for all brands but love the jumpman 11's and 3's gimme two of those / the homie Pedro put me on game since then my closet ain't been the same /only room for jeans, tees, and sneaks with one suit what a bloody shame / that's cool i can't take 'em to the grave, where i'm going i don't need no shoes / my soul's been cleaned by Him, dead stock i am brand new / got laced up with the dove no strings attached just definite love / He's king with that unlimited trust i lead with that no follow ups/ that's fail proof those nails prove He hung and died left a vacant tomb / we hang our faith on those blatant truths we store up treasures no blingy jewels / they wear it we walk on it take 10 steps He got 5 on it / when the smoke clears and it all ends when the ballin' stop and it's all over / that favorite phrase "only God can judge me" / in full effect now the outcomes ugly / only pass is the blood instead you passed on the love / given to send us to infinity we callin' it home we on <hook> verse 3(b. holy): spit about the same God with so many styles you could say we got a color way flow / we had so many scuffs win had us marked up but Jesus Christ cleaned our souls / now we oh so fresh like them all white foamposite air force one's / co-heirs with the heir in the chair mean the throne yeah I'm talkin' bout the Son / yeah His Spirit inside me that there got me sealed up / yeah got me feelin' real brand new like i'm hot off the nike truck / oh He's coming back like retros but you might want to get Him on the first though / cuz believe me homeboy when that trump blow you gon' wish that you had Him on the first go / i'm tryna get you laced up you on velcro im on lace ups / this a tailored verse i don't mean chucks can't afford stain you a nubuck / thats the truth bruh thats the truth sis that's why i'm on it like new kicks / i'm in love with Christ and that newness i am redeemed i've been purchased / i'll wait in line cuz He's worth it yup got me feeling real good in my in sole oh my / yup like i got adidas with wings on the heels so fly / yeah boy I was sicker than my shoe game If it wasn't for the fact that Yeshua came / i'd be burnin' like heat in my bron james.
Track Name: we die
verse 1: soul mating in every place i lay my head / make ya bed lay in it what the preacher said / now i’m sleeping in a room full of aliens / i recognize none, they seem to know me well / well, that’s what spending time will bring you / when you’re spending nights with people who ain’t meant to share your temple / no secret, in society casually diving / in the eye of ecstasy is blinding yet accepted widely / be alert and of sober mind the enemy devil prowls / around like a roaring lion seeking one to devour / show honor with your bod, blameless and pure in sight / be not your bed defiled when approaching that magic hour hook: no one’s perfect... / but who is, is He that came we trade our life for His service / we call that worship... / in it’s truest form the norm to live for Him is our purpose / so we die verse 2: no it ain’t cool for dudes to like dudes / girls to like girls or “bi”-pass the rules / and no it ain’t cool if you plan to trade vows / to go and taste the milk before you take the cow / everything that’s allowed ain’t beneficial to browse / given freedom to live ain’t reason for living wild / it stings a little don’t it, having your wrongs pointed / i use to do it too, i’m merely an informant / alarming i know dormant from menacing blows / sent from the enemy’s throne carried out by it’s minions / something worth mentioning though, greater is He that belongs / already promised the crown heaven’s my permanent home <hook> verse 3: there’s a war going on outside we ain’t safe from / sides have been chosen the fight ain’t flesh and blood / rope in a tug of war souls they competing for / still, kill, and destroy motto for the evil one / what we treasure is measured by our pleasure / commands we obey and storms that we weather / our old sinful self was left powerless by death / no long slaves to our history freedom’s in the word.
Track Name: beautiful
verse 1: sun rays on your skin red with a hint of gold / born with a tan from the motherland seven-fold / complexion no question architected perfect by God / benevolent your intelligence is what set you a part / can’t let just any ole body get a hold of you heart / mishandlers come a dime a dozen stay on your guard / you are beautiful, wonderfully made / your my calm during the storm keep me cooler than the shade / found favor and a good thing you had me at hello / no it ain’t about her flesh shawty bad to the bone / your physique is appeasing, more intrigued by your spirit / i’m a student of the arts and i’m trying to draw you near me / outstanding communication and fluent in body language / influenced by love and nature i guess it’s my loving-nature / know we are destined for greatness, the energy is strong / and according to the stars you are right where you belong hook: my beautiful girl, my beautiful world / you’re a thing of beauty a gift to the earth / what a blessing to me never saw it coming / if i didn’t know before now i know that you love me / your smile, your love, your laugh, your hug / your kiss, my life, my heart, is yours mi amor / you are special to me one should be so lucky / if i didn’t know before now i know that you love me verse 2: the most beautifullest thing in this world / is you my angel daddy’s little girl / spitting image of your mom took after your daddy’s charm / protect you from all harm i’ll do everything then some / show you what a real man looks like by how i treat your mother / further more i’ll show you what to look for in a husband / trust God over man, sure there’ll be some up and downs / pursue purity when pressure from peers come around / veer from the in-crowd, lead with your own mind / stand by your values or fall by the waist-side / be wise when you choose friends, look a man in the eye / Christ is the way to heaven, don’t believe it otherwise / dream big worry small no matter if it’s big or small / when facing any obstacle you be a giant to it all / walk tall be proud of who you are / only God loves you more, sincerely your pops <hook> verse 3: nothing like a mother’s love, carried me for 9 months / trained me up in such a way, i could not depart from / though i was your firstborn, you brought a little brother home / raised two of us and to think you did it all alone / never to grown to be taught a lesson even when tested / you expected nothing less than my perfection / my best is what I gave, in life that’s all you asked / stay true to who i am, let God direct your path / no swearing, no sparing the rod it was just caring and love / with aunt karen and more you brought me up in the church / introduced to Jesus what a beautiful thesis / no coincidence i began at beacon / and that i am, you supported me greatly / broke the mold when He made you there was no mistaking / a mamma’s boy i ain’t afraid to say it / and until i get married you’re my number one lady.
Track Name: fresh to death
verse 1: cooler than a fan doc / swag like my daddy, should hear the way the boy talk / loyal to the bond faith working non-stop / down for the team what i need with a mascot / welcome to the call life music be the back drop / reading from the same script my what a thick plot / covered in something so pure when my heart stop / life'll keep going paradise is my last stop / came thru the fire purged and refined / burned off the filth heart merged with the mind / turned off the guilt sin surged by the shine / from the Son what a gift being pure in his eyes / and everybody got an opinion / i swear they either down on life or downing Christians / when did being fly become a sin / my confidence lies in Him, let the judging begin (i'm free) hook: i never been loved like this / turned filth into fresh, got clothed with a gift / finest of the threads, no flaws in the print /His name by design only brands I fit(so clean) / i never been seen like that / his blood, my life that price on the tag / that cost he paid just throw it in the bag / hate is so last year love is the new fad(so clean) verse 2: america's next, time for the fashion check / who got style and i ain't talking how you dress / but how you walk in steps that ordered hence / we "wear" His name that's what i call fashion sense / love+life the world is our audience / hold the applause and pause on the arguments / God's to be awed the unflawed at his expense / we get to exist in pure bliss an awesome gift / sporting j's with the tongue out / pun intended we've all missed the bulls-eye / three-dimension, the Son was and is God / came to visit to save by the multi /all shades and textures way beneath the surface / there's a need for Jesus way beyond a service / left death defenseless, giving life a purpose / though the word'll fade, what remains is perfect(that's us) <hook> verse 3: rags to riches i double z i / face for the brand now i'm handling my b-i / tryin’ to do it big multi before i d-i /even though the songs hot the flow's i-c-y / swag from the divine designer / never mind the blood stains it’s just a reminder / proof He died and rose left linens behind / sealed with a sign inside to protect and guide us / started off care free with no fig leaves / until that fruit that was bit planted a sin seed / since then what is seen can't be forgotten / our clothes are a reminder of a world that has fallen / far from glory but that ain't how the story ends / not to worry the gap between God and men / was bridged on the back of Jesus the Son of Man / we shine like the sun until the Son comes again.
Track Name: loved+lost ft. big nick
verse 1: it's been about eleven months / i never see you when i wanna see you guess the world ain't small enough / one question was my heart not big enough / or was it too much / but there's only one way i know how to love and that's all out / and i love hard until i'm all out / first love first pain how it turned out / ya eyes say what you don't speak, no doubt / "in a perfect world", "if i had a choice" / some phrases that i hear from my inner voice / you say we're too young, i say we're just right / you needed time to grow, i wanted more time/ same book different page i could never read you / say you never keep secrets but you hide feelings / all my cards were faced up no need for cheating / and if it wasn't like that you could've fooled me then...and you did hook(big nick & yung rick): time will make amends / and i will love again / i loved and i lost / gave my heart, paid the cost and i know... verse 2: a true fighter never gives up, it's tough / still i trust but it sucks when your best ain't good enough / baby had more bags than a louis store / and i had my cape on like a movie star / loved you at your worst, wanna see you at your best / but i can't save the damsel if she loves her distress / same uniform but i'm still treated like the enemy / no matter how friendly the fire there's still injury / it's like putting nails in a board / then remove every nail, you'll still have holes / that boat won't float, that ship won't sail / the damage has been done kinda hard to repair / my beating your freedom i can take that / made you better than before i can live with that / you always said once it's done you never go back / well you are who you are i can't change that...goodbye <hook> verse 3: i always loved what i couldn't trust / if you build they will come but they left i have the right to be a lil reluct / too good to be true then it probably is / broken promises really what the problem is / i’m reaching way back, adolescent years / that’s on a “need to know”, so if i let you in / consider yourself one of the few privileged / letting you in on my fears so be considerate / heart on my sleeve, truth on my lips / eyes wide open show you where my soul is / past pains make love seem farfetched / when i speak of it i'm reading from a wish list / better to have loved and lost, different takes on it / i hear that statement and i don't know what to make of it / i want it just as bad as i'm scared of it / when it comes i just hope that i'm prepared for it...true love.
Track Name: i'm yours
verse 1: you can write it on my tombstone child of the light / born again believer, i'm a bride to the Christ / i'm alive and i'm right, He's the only thing i'm on / in the Word daily bread and that's all i'm eating on / time to get your barter on that's a life for a life / you can do away with yours, bring forward what's inside / let it shine like the moon for your guide through the night / and that light'll make you pure yea i'm talking all white / God i love you more and more everyday [new life] is what you gave me / i ain't blind to the facts, [true sight] i've been awaken / back to my first love [thru Christ] so you could date me / now i'm soaring like a eagle [new heights] because i waited / my living is sacrificial, rest of my life devoted / to bringing you recognition hoping that i don't blow it / i sow it and hope they listen nothing short of heroic / your story is my conviction the reason my hands are lifted singing...hook: all day, all night loving you and pleasing you is all that's on my mind all the time / i'm yours(do as you please), i'm yours(Lord have your way), i'm yours(i'm at your service), i'm yours(what can I say)...obey! verse 2: i'm talking full-out submission surrendering thoughts and yielding / forgiving your fellow sinner dismissin' charges against 'em / i get it; we do it different as christians, loving those who are against us / can throw us into the fire without a hint of resistance / we'll come out pure and refined much better than when we went in / if that ain't bringing repentance then i'm not sure what you'e missin' / considering what was given freely amidst of our sinning / we should be ready and willing to give up selfish ambitions / see myself i'm enlisted, 7 years going strong, / my best days are ahead of me all because i'm restored / take a look at my life, i welcome you to explore it / sort-through-it thoroughly more importantly notice the metamorphosis / gorgeous in spite of flaws i'm viewed through blood vision / no order is ever tall when God is walking with you / i'm driven by every scar and every nail driven / escaping hell's prison forever in Him <hook> verse 3: Lord i ask that u keep a tight leash on me / God first and i look for you to please only / a sweet aroma that'll keep the sour looks off me / keep me seeking obedience over burnt offerings / no matter what it cost me, to you my life i owe / what does it profit, to gain the world and lose your soul / absolutely nothing, the world is temporary / your souls forever, forever i'm faithful 'till i'm buried.